Pricing is based on the following three factors:

  • Equipment rental is based on a percentage of the replacement cost of the rented equipment.
  • Labor is calculated hourly based on the number of people needed, including transit time.
  • Cost of fuel, lodging etc. is added when appropriate.


Here are three packaged systems to give you an idea of Boulder Sound Guy's range of systems available. All packages include necessary labor for setup and operation of the system.

Basic Package: $300

The Basic Package is great for acoustic acts who don't need a lot of bass, rock bands playing in very small rooms, spoken word presentation and any time low frequency reinforcement is not critical. There would be minimal coverage of any drum kit.

  • 2 main speakers, no subs
  • 2 monitor mixes from main board
  • 3 monitor speakers
Club Package: $450

The Club Package adds subwoofers, more monitor speakers and a drum microphone kit. This is what you want for the typical rock/reggae/jam band in a club venue.

  • 2 main speakers and 2 subs
  • 2 monitor mixes from main board
  • 6 monitor speakers
  • full coverage of drums with up to seven microphones
Full Package: $600

The Full Package adds more main speakers for covering wide rooms, a split to a separate monitor mixer for four mixes (with channel eq independent from the main mixer), and computer control of the digital speaker processors.

  • 4 main speakers, 2 subs
  • 4 monitor mixes via split to monitor mixer
  • 6 monitor speakers
  • computer controlled monitor and main speaker processing

Package prices assume venue is located in Boulder Sound Guy's local area that covers Denver to Longmont, and show duration up to 3 hours. More distant venues and longer duration events can be accommodated and pricing will be adjusted accordingly. Difficult access can also affect pricing.

Monitor System Tuning

Boulder Sound Guy can measure your stage monitors and recommend eq settings for accurate reproduction. The ideal candidate for this is a system with digital parametric eq. I will come to your venue, run some tests of the speakers and determine the needed processing. I can even upload settings directly to supported digital eqs. If you have a venue and would be interested in trying this out for free please contact me.

For more info about this kind of measurement and correction see: Testing a Yamaha SM15IV Stage Monitor.