System Application

Amp racks and speaker stackThe sound reinforcement system offered by Boulder Sound Guy is a "small" but powerful and sophisticated system. It is able to deliver concert level sound in venues of 100 to 300 people. Good clarity at less volume is possible in bigger spaces. In hard numbers, the system can clearly project at least 100dBA SPL to the back of a typical 300 person room.

General Description

Mackie 1604VLZ ProBoulder Sound Guy offers a sixteen channel system. The main speaker system is bi-amplified via a digital speaker processor. The processor feeds two stereo amplifiers, one for the subwoofers and one for the mid-high speakers. Depending on the configuration the total output of the main amps is either 2600 or 3750 watts. An additional amplifier and speakers are available for coverage of wide audience areas.


Monitors can be mixed from the main mixing board if two mixes are adequate. A split snake and separate board are available to provide four mixes. The monitor board can be placed near stage or by the main board. Each of the four mixes has a dedicated channel of digital eq. Four amplifier channels of 270@8ohm/400@4ohm power up to six wedges (eight soon) for a maximum total of 1600W on stage.


Alesis HD24 recorderMulti-track recording capability is built into the system. It is pre-wired to capture all inputs from stage plus the main mix and a stereo room mic. Recording can be scaled from just a stereo board feed, to the board feed plus the stereo mic, to a full multi-track recording. If you have your own recorder there's a place to plug that in, too. Live Recording has more info.

Gear List

  • Microphones
    • Shure SM58 (x4)
    • Shure Beta57
    • Audix Fusion 6 drum mic kit
    • AKG C1000S
    • AKG D1000E (x2)
    • Audio-Technica Pro25
    • Audio-Technica AT21 (x2)
    • D.I.s
      • Live Wire Solutions ADI
      • Whirlwind Director
      • DOD 265
  • Front of House
    • Mixer - Mackie 1604VLZ Pro
    • Power & lights - Juice Goose
    • Main graphic eq - Rane Mojo MQ-302
    • Effects
      • Boss SE-70
      • Boss SE-50
    • Compressors
      • Presonus ACP-88
      • dbx Project1 266
      • dbx 166
      • dbx 166a (x2)
    • Utility mixer - Midiman Fineline
    • Recorder - Alesis HD24
    • Playback - Gemini CD player
  • Main Speaker System
    • Processor
      • Behringer DCX2496
    • Amplifiers
      • QSC PLX3002 - 900Wx2 @ 4ohm - Mid-high (Mains)
      • Stewart World 1.2 - 1200W bridged @ 4ohm - Mid-high (Fills)
      • Crown CE2000 - 1950W bridged @ 4ohm - Low
    • Speakers
      • Mains - Peavey Impulse 200 - 12" 2-way 4ohm (x2)
      • Fills - Peavey Impulse 200 - 12" 2-way 8ohm (x2)
      • Subs - Celestion SR2 - single-18" bandpass 8ohm (x2)
  • Monitors
    • Split snake, 16 channels
    • Monitor mixer - Mackie 1604VLZ Pro
    • Processing - Behringer DSP1100P, DSP1124P
    • Amplifiers
      • Peavey 8.5c - 270W/ch@8ohm, 400W/ch@4ohm (x2)
      • Mackie M-800 - 550W bridged @ 8ohm
    • Yamaha SM15IV (x2)
    • Yamaha SM10H - Eminence Beta loaded (x4)
    • Sunn 12" (x2)
    • 15" (x2)
    • Grund Audio GT-1090M