Hooking Up

Alesis HD24Getting a live recording can often be a hassle. You've got to fugure out what you're going to hook up to and sometimes the sound guy just doesn't have the time or equipment to make it happen. That's where Boulder Sound Guy comes in. The recording system can be attached to the existing sound system in a way that is transparent to the guy mixing your band, so he can concentrate on making you sound good live without being distracted. The trick is a sixteen channel microphone splitter that sends each microphone (or D.I.) to both the house mixer and Boulder Sound Guy's recording system. Each sound guy can set his board the way he likes: happy sound guys make you sound better.

In addition to the multi-track recorder Boulder Sound Guy can optionally record to a laptop so at the end of the show you can get a "mastered" CD to take with you.

Getting Your Tracks

Alesis FirePortOnce all those tracks are recorded you need to get your hands on them for mixdown. If you bring a PC compatible USB hard drive Boulder Sound Guy can transfer your tracks to take with you. Otherwise Boulder Sound Guy can arrange to deliver the tracks, either on a drive you provide or on DVD-ROMs.

CDAlternatively, you can have Boulder Sound Guy mix the tracks for you into a mastered CD ready for duplication. Boulder Sound Guy charges $30 per hour for post-production services.