The Process

After measuring the response of my experimental monitor speaker (wedge) I realized that, although it sounded okay, there was vast room for improvement. That big peak around 3.2kHz alone would probably cause trouble without some remediation. So I began with a measurement of the wedge with no processing.

Using Room EQ Wizard it's possible not only to measure frequency response but to predict the effects of parametric filters on a speaker's response.

The Eminence's Response

Eminence Beta 10 Frequency Response

Response of the Eminence Beta-10A in free air.

Before Correction

SCLADII Response Curve Before Correction

Response of the experimental wedge before correction.


Response Curve of Applied Filters

Combined response of the nine filters I applied.

Software Prediction

Predicted Response Curve

Combined speaker and filter response predicted by the measurement software.

After Correction

SCLADII Response Curve After Correction

Response of the experimental wedge after correction.